Notice! We are thrilled to announce that we will be open starting Monday August 10th, 2020. Please call ahead to book your spot for drop-in play, now with a 2 hour time limit. If you would like to book a private play time for you and your friends during the week and/or a private party on the weekend, call us or email us to discuss further. We hope to see you very soon.
Party Add-Ons

Enhance your Party!

  • Small Gluten Free Pizza$13.00
  • Medium Cheese Pizza$14.00 each add. topping $1.50
  • Large Cheese Pizza$16.00 each add. topping $1.50
  • XL Large Cheese Pizza$18.00 each add. topping $1.50
  • Party size Cheese Pizza$21.00 each add. topping $3.00
  • Character on cake$15.00 & up
  • Edible Image$10.00
  • Dairy Queen Ice-cream cake 10” round $40.00
  • Dairy Queen Ice-cream sheet cake $50.00
  • 2L Bottle of pop$2.00
  • 1.5L Water$2.00
  • Candles$2.00
  • Plates$3.00 (20)
  • Cups$3.00 (20)
  • Napkins$3.00 (20)
  • Utensils$3.00 (20)
  • Socks$1.50
  • Loot Bags$5.50
  • Water, 24 bottles $4.50
  • Fruit Tray$20.00
  • Veggie Tray$20.00

Mighty Jungle is a peanut/nut free facility. No peanut/nut products are allowed. Even though we are a peanut/nut free facility, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE TO BE PEANUT/NUT FREE.